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Related post: Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2007 18:36:29 -0400 From: Vraxis Vraxis Subject: young virgin lolita pussy Pussyboy Chapter 8 - Making MoviesOk, so I know I said the last chapter was the conclusion of my story, but what the hell. There's just more Pussyboy to tell! So, welcome to the next "volume" of Pussyboy: "Making Movies."Just like before, I do not condone pedophilia lil loli shy girls in any way, and this is a work of fantasy based on hard core lolicon uncensored my own personal life. CONSENTING ADULTS ONLY. If you like this story, please don't hesitate to write me at I love hearing from my readers! I have been tremendously encouraged and supported by the e-mails I have received from so many of you from around the world, and I most sincerely thank all of you.A few weeks later Steven and I arranged to meet and, once again, I lied to my mother and got on the bus to his waiting car at the bus stop. 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I lolitas little angels galleries hopped out of the car with my bag and immediately had both little ones loli bbs Dark and Light around me."Yeah babyboy," Dark cooed as he kissed me gently on the face and neck. Light was already tugging at my shorts until Steven interceded. "Let's at least get him in the house first, guys," he laughed. He herded us through a little door into his dining room area. The place was sparsely furnished, but I wasn't here for dinner and interior design.As soon as we were in, Dark pulled me close and started French kissing me. Light stuck his hands down the back of my shorts and fondled my ass cheeks. I was able to fondle their crotches while Dark was making out with me, sticking his tongue deep into my mouth and passionately kissing me."I missed you, babyboy" he said in between kisses. "I missed that sweet face, little lips," then he grabbed one preteen lolita models showers of my asscheeks in his firm hand. "Missed this sweet little ass of yours too!"Light was hard as a rock underneath his jeans. I felt his hard-on pressing against my ass crack. "Shut up, you've at least lolita tiny young angels gotten to fuck him before!" Light joked. loli nude bbs imgboard "I'm finally gonna get a taste of this little boypussy."Steve slowly ushered us into the living room, where cameras and lights were set up. "Yoshi helped me get this equipment!" he said, pointing to the video camera and the other equipment in the room. I really didn't see much, or pay close attention to it, filipino nude girls lolita what with the two black guys kissing and fondling my body so intensely. My head was swimming from the intensity of Dark's attentions."OK guys, let's tiny lolitas nude pussy get him ready" Steve said with an authoritative voice. Light and Dark stopped making out with me with little protesting, then started to walk into another room. "Ok babyboy, this is the plot of our little movie. You're home alone. Your parents have left you alone all day long 13 17 nude lolita and two delivery men come to the door. You think they're nude webcams teens lolitas hot and you want to have sex with them." Steve then looked me firmly in the eye. "Got that?"I nodded, then Steve brought out a skimpy little pair of blue shorts. "OK, baby, put this on. home lolitas nude top This is all you'll russian lolita models gallery be lolita best pay sites wearing and you'll look really hot. It'll really show off sweet loli cuties naked your cute little ass!" He smiled as I took my clothes off, getting ready to put on my costume. "Hold on, baby. First, you need to come with me to the bathroom." He lead me down a hallway into a blue-tiled bathroom. He grabbed an enema that was sitting next pictur lolitas 13 yo to a bottle of water on the counter and shook it up. "We've gotta make sure you're nice and clean down there!" He positioned me on a mat on the floor, then pushed the enema tube into my tight little hole. I little love lolitas pics felt warm liquid flooding into my guts. He made me keep the liquid in me for a few minutes, then let me flush it out. Once that dark loli zone models was done, he gave me a little shower, dried me off, then made me get down on all fours and facing away from him again. He said he had to check one more thing with my butthole. I heard him fondling pre teen lolita nymphets for something, then felt his wet finger enter my hole. He was rubbing the inside of my ass, around and around, like he was rubbing something in."I don't have any poppers, and that bottle preteens lolita childrens nude of yours has probably evaporated or gone stale by now," he said. "This will 14 your lolitas pic help you enjoy the teen lolitas cp nude experience a little more. It's just a little powder, kind of like powdered poppers. You'll like it. Now!" he said, swatting my ass as he spoke, "let's go make some movies!"I put on my shorts and then walked out lolita bear hug forums with preteen lolita boy girl Steve back into the living room. Light and Dark were there waiting, both dressed as delivery men. Dark whistled. "Woo-WHEE boy! Little sexy thing!" Light was fondling his crotch nn lolita top 100 through his brown shorts.Steve had me sit on the couch. I was gonna be there, looking at a dirty magazine and fondling myself, when Light and Dark would ring the doorbell from outside. Kind of like they were catching me in the act.Steve called out action and just filmed me for a few seconds, looking through the magazine, seeing all the naked men and fucking, then fondling my little boner japanese gothic lolita tgp tenting out my shorts. Dark and Light stood behind Steve and the camera, watching me intently and stroking their own cocks through their shorts just like me. After a minute or so, Steve called cut, then had Light and Dark stand outside the door. Then he called action again.The doorbell rang, and I pretended to be surprised and scared. I let the magazine fall to the floor as I ran to the door and opened it. Dark and Light stood there and went through their little speech. How they had come to deliver a new bed for my parents, and lolitas chinas porno actrices were they home?I said that they were both at work non nude galleri lol for the day and that I was here alone. Dark was smiling so broadly, then said "can free gallery preteen loli we come in? real lolita cp videos It's really hot outside. We can talk about your new bed."They came in and I was still tenting my shorts. Dark and Light walked in and sat on the couch, then infieles es fotos lolitas they saw the magazine on the floor. Appearing surprised, they looked at each other conspiratorially. Steve yelled cut, then got a close up lolita nymphet hardcore girls shot of the magazine I little angels models lolita was looking at. It featured two black men fucking a young white guy in a variety of poses.Cut, then action on us again. I was standing in front of the two black deliverymen, both of them now stroking the hard-ons under their shorts. "Is this what you like, little man?" Light asked.They both stood up on either side of me, and started either tweaking one of my nipples, stroking my hair, or fondling my lolita bikinni model pics cock through my shorts. I reached for the two hard black cocks on either free underage lolita galleries side of me, my little white hands stroking dark fabric. Dark then pulled my shorts down, Steve zoomed in to get a close up of Dark's face next to my now exposed dick, his big dark hands stroking my little meat and palming my bbs free magic lolita balls.Dark stood up again free dutch lolitas nudes and, after some direction from Steve, I underage preteen lolita art was now on my knees between Dark and Light. In a coordinated move, both of their hard dark cocks popped out of their shorts and little lolitas tgp movies onto my little white face with a slap. freedom lolita bbs portal I'd never felt so horny before, my face felt flush and my cock was oozing pre-cum copiously. I grabbed Light's cock first and slammed it into my mouth, sucking it as hard and as deeply as I could. Light stroked my head as I worked."Man! This kid's CRAZY for cock! Look at this shit!" Light laughed czech pre teen lolitas as he continued to fuck my mouth. "Only 14 years old and suckin' cock like a PRO!" Then he grabbed my head and forced the entire length of his cock down my throat. "A fucking PRO!" forbidden lolitas sex pics he cried again, balls deep inside me.Steve was up close, filming every inch of black cock pumping into my wet mouth. teens lolita model ru I was moaning like a little slut, filling my little lolitas little girls mouth and throat with fuckmeat again. Then Dark pulled my head away from Light's cock and slammed his own thick meat into my face."Gotta work both of us, boy" Dark said, pushing his meat into me. "Take this sweet dick. Suck on this juicy black dick, boy!"I worked on Dark's cock with equal frenzy as Light slapped his chocolate fuckstick amatuer teen lolita model against my cock-bloated cheeks. I moaned through the cock, my eyes rolling back as I felt this rush sweep over best sites lolita com me. All I wanted was cock and cum and to make my black masters happy. Nothing else mattered to me."Yeah, take that cock, boy!" Light cheered as I sucked. "Get that black cock in little lolita teens porn your little white mouth!"Steve was constantly in motion lolita tgp little angels as I serviced both cocks, free lolitas post bbs getting close-ups of free lolitas bbs infantilxxx my blowjobs, pulling back to show a little white boy sucking the hard fuckmeat of two grown black men. nude loly boy models He put the camera over Light's shoulder once nude 16 yo lolita as he pumped his meat into my freedom lolita bbs place mouth. Steve told me to look up into Light's all best lolita paysites eyes while I blew him, and the lolita preteen models hq camera caught every second of my dick-filled adulation as the black cock pumped lolita stories with picture into my mouth.I switched back and forth between my two black lovers for several minutes before Dark started to swear profusely. Pulling dark preteen lolita toplist his cock out of my mouth, he asked, "Are you ready to taste some black man cum, little man? 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His tongue was amazing, stimulating me in entirely new ways, and I was practically screaming from the intensity of it all. child big modeling lolita Mid-way through, Dark came back and straddled my face."I've still got more cock and cum for ya, baby," he said before sticking his still-hard cock back into my mouth. Maybe it was to stop me from moaning and yelling hot naked nude lolitas so loudly, russian lolita sex video but regardless, I had black cock inside me again.Light loli bikini young portal must have rimmed me for a good five minutes (his own non nude lolita modelling cock rock hard the entire time) before he finally stood teenie japanese loli girls up and surreptitiously lubed himself up for penetrating me. "Now it's time for some fucking!" he cried out. "You ready lolita 10 yr pic little boy? You ready to get that sweet little white ass fucked ?He sat down next to me on the couch fresh lolitas pics nudes with his legs spread wide. "Saddle up, little man! Let's get you some dick!" He pulled me astride his six-packed body, and lined up my asshole atop his cock. Steve told us to stop briefly while he got the camera into position. I was facing Light, and Steve had me spread my buttcheeks apart as much as I could."Your little hole is so pink and cute," Steve said, russan 11year lolita girl index of loli girls adjusting the equipment. He came in for a quick little lick before returning to the camera."It tastes good too!" Light chimed in. "Come on man, let's get this fuck going!" Truth is, I was horny to get started myself. I felt a heat rush through my body that centered on my cock and my asshole, free lolitas in lingerie causing another droplet of my pre-cum to settle on Light's taut stomach. "Come ON MAN!" Light whined. "I've been waiting to fuck this pussy for WEEKS! Let's GO!"Steve finished his work, free hentai loli imageboards then called "Action!" Slowly, Light pushed me down onto his cock. My "cute pink hole" was quickly penetrated by Light's slightly pointed hairless russian lolita pussy cockhead and yielded immediately to the rest of Light's cock."OH SHIT, YEAH!" Light cried out as his cock bottomed out inside me. "Yeah boy, take that black dick! Lookie here, boy can take a cock up his ass too!" He started to alternatively lift my hips up sun bbs lol pret then push me back down on his cock. underground xxx pics lolita "Yeah, boy, that's what you wanted, you wanted black cock up your little pussy, didn't ya?"I was moaning uncontrollably. I didn't know what it was, but this felt like the best fuck ever. "Oooohhhhhmmmyyyy goooooddddddddd!" was all that came out of my mouth. My asshole was twitching uncontrollably around Light's cock, which just seemed to stimulate him more and made him speed up the pace of 14 years naked lolita his fuck."Oh yeah, you like that cock, don't ya, you little slut?" Light asked. 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Light laughed, then he quickly grabbed me and stood up, with me still impaled on his portal de lolitas mixedlolitas cock! I was being fucked in mid-air! And I LOVED it.Suspended only by his arms and the meaty dick that was working my boypussy over, I moaned loud and long before my cock started shooting on its own. free young lolitas gallery I sprayed my cum all bunny cartoon lola porn over lolita spread legs bbs my chest and stomach, driven insane by Light's cockmanship. That was enough to send Light over the edge. Swearing like a sailor, he punched his cock inside me and shot naughty little lolita pics a huge load into my ass. Then he gently laid me back down on the couch before pulling his dick out. Immediately, a gout of cum spurted out of my hole and onto the floor.But amazingly enough, I was still horny for cock. My own dick was still hard and my heatflush real pics lolita incest was still driving me crazy. Fingering myself, I cried out "More! I WANT MORE!"Wanna know what happens next? Let me know what you think of this story. I love hearing from my readers! You can reach me at
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